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Ermioni is built on the exact same location where it was founded approximately 4,000 years ago and you will find a number of remnants from its past when the ancient city-state prospered from processing purple dye (laver). Modern-day Ermioni has an island character which you will discover by taking a walk through its narrow streets and the southern port called Mandrakia. Don’t forget to walk to Bisti, the small forest on the edge of Ermioni, and to Agios Gerasimos, the chapel on the mountain across from the port, which offers a wonderful view. You can also visit the church of Taxiarhes and the popular-art museum where the 3rd Constitutional Assembly took place in 1827 with the attendance of Theodoros Kolokotronis. On the outskirts of Ermioni, you can visit the 11th century Agii Anargyri monastery with its miraculous icon. If you are a nature-lover we suggest that you take a stroll through the Katafiki canyon. For swimming in Ermioni, visit the south side of Bisti with its natural formations of «tubs» and rocks. For larger beaches, take the road to Porto Heli or Thermissia where you will find many.


Ο Καιρός στην Ερμιόνη

Scuba Diving Center



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